We wish to share our arrival in Ayvalik and the history of Macaron boutique hotel. The architecture of Ayvalik, which stretches back to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, inspired us with its stone-paved, narrow streets and made us feel at home with its friendly neighbors.

We decided to move to Ayvalik to experience the magic of this town. We hope to share with you the serenity and joy we find in this town. When we told locals of Ayvalik that we planned to move here, their answer was that this town would lengthen our lives. We are here not to prolong our lives but to enjoy the oxygen of the Kaz Mountains, the springs of Madra Mountain, the green pastures of the nearby islands and nature reserves, in short to live in nature. As we searched for a house in Ayvalik, we found a building and garden that is capable of hosting many more than just our family, which prompted us to open this boutique hotel.


Our boutique hotel takes its name from the name of this neighbourhood: Macaron. Curious about the name we discovered that the word comes from the herb “marjoram” which translates to Turkish as mercanköşk. It grows in the homes and gardens in this region. It comes from the oregano family and we wanted to grow this plant with its tiny flowers and delightful aroma, and give life to an old tradition.

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